How To Reset Belkin Modem To Its Factory Settings?

Belkin modem has a wide number of features with infinite benefits to work with this device via which users can have an easy access to internet. Here we will teach you Reset Belkin Modem to Its Factory Settings in easy steps. Users can configure these routers no matter whatever operating systems they are working on. The Belkin modem allow users to have an instant access to internet and takes care of all troubles that it has while one is using their  set-up mode on the device.  So, if you are searching for the professional approach to do modem factory reset steps, follow instructions below.

Steps to Reset Belkin Modem to Its Factory Settings are:

Reset Belkin Modem To Its Factory Settings

Steps here will show you two sections to go ahead with the process. Here are they:

Part 1: Reset Belkin Modem
  • Go to the Belkin router section which will appear on your screen and click “Reset” button. The button will appear on the router’s back section and is visible by its name.
  • Now, reset the router push button to click “Reset” icon and release the button. The light of your router will here flash for a while and “Power/Ready” icon will appear on the screen. Users need to change it from solid to blink mode. After the light will become in steady mode, the reset process is complete by then.
  • Next is to push the ‘Reset’ button and hold it for few more seconds so that users can start the ‘Restore to Factory Defaults’ process. This will “Reset Belkin Modem to Its Factory Settings”.
  • Release the button and your router’s light will start to flash. The router is now reset to factory default settings.  This will happen after the light has stop its blinking process.
Part 2: Steps to reset Belkin modem via user interface:
  • Open up the browser on your system and navigate to appropriate IP address of user interface.
  • As per as Belkin Router Support technicians, tap ‘Login’ icon and type appropriate password in the field. Click ‘Submit’ button and move to the next step
  • Open up “Utilities window” and click on ‘Utilities’ tab.
  • You will come across a list of options where users need to select ‘Restart Router’ button.
  • If you wish to restart the router then, tap ‘OK’ button and again click ‘OK’ icon. The router here will restart and user interface will reappear on its own after you are done with the reset mode.
  • Select the ‘Restore Factory Defaults’ icon from the ‘Utilities window’ icon
  • Now click on ‘Restore Defaults’ button and then click ‘OK’.
  • Start with the reset mode and this is possible when users will click ‘OK’ button. Here, user interface will reappear on the screen.
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