Asus Aptio Setup

How to Fix the Asus Aptio Setup Utility Error?

The Aptio Setup Utility is defined as a BIOS setup utility, which usually comes with Asus desktops and laptops. Quite a lot of Asus computer users have faced and continue to face this issue with their computer continuously while boots into the Aptio Setup Utility instead of booting into its Operating Systems. According to Asus router technical support experts, it is just because of not detecting an operating system to be not able to boot e4ntirely. To Fix the Asus Aptio Setup Utility Error, Dial Asus Support Number and get instant help.

Asus Aptio Setup Utility

But if a user is certain that the Asus computer has an HDD/SSD with a proper installation of an Operating System connected to it but is still experiencing this issue, this may be due to two explanations: one for the connection between the computer and its HDD/SSD which has come loose. And another one may be due to the computer issues which simply can’t detect its HDD/SSD and recognize it as such. But thankfully, experts have provided the most promising solution to this issue.

Steps to Fix the Asus Aptio Setup Utility Error

Step1: Aptio Setup Utility

Boot the PC device up and just wait for it to again boot it into the Aptio Setup Utility.

Step2: Security

Once you are done with the Aptio Setup Utility process, then just navigate to the Security  section

Step3: Secure Boot menu

Expand the Secure Boot menu section and then disable theSecure Boot” icon.

Step4: Save & Exit

Users are required to navigate to the Save & Exit tab, save all the changes and exit the Aptio Setup Utility section.

Step5: Restart the computer

Next, restart the computer and just wait for it a while to boot into the utility once again.

Step6: Boot section

Navigate straight away to the Boot section

Step7: Disable Secure Boot

Disable the Secure Boot option as well as Fast Boot method to easily proceed with this step

Step8: Compatibility Support Module

Enabling of the CSM (Compatibility Support Module) is a necessary step for users to perform.

Step9: Save & Exit

At last, navigate to the ‘Save & Exit’ tab, save all of your changes and then tap on the “exitbutton

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