How to Fix Router Error Code 2118?

How to Fix Router Error Code 2118?


The aforementioned router error occurs when users are trying to configure the Router, after they have purchased it. One needs to Fix router error code 2118 by contacting Router Help professional team. This is an unexpected issue which happens due to multiple reasons including improper firmware upgrade, disconnection of the internet, router not properly setup, no trace of the router settings. Below are steps to rectify the issue with appropriate guidelines.

Steps To fix router error 2118

Once users have reset the router, all the settings will be reverted back to its factory default mode.  However, all of the customized settings of the router, wireless security, etc. will completely be erased. If users want to restore the router’s original settings without re-configuring it then, they have to save a backup file in a safe place. There are two ways explained by Router Online Support professional team to reset the device and they are via manual process and software reset mode.

Method 1: Try resetting the device via Manual Reset

  • The first thing is to locate the “Reset” button and with the help of a pen or a paper clip, just press and hold the “Reset button” for at-least 10 seconds.  For router models such as Linksys Wireless-B and Wireless-G routers, users simply need to press and hold the “Reset button” for at-least 30 seconds. One needs to observe the Power light of the router while pressing down the button.  It will blink or simply flash by indicating that the router has properly been reset mode.
  • Users now need to unplug the router from the power outlet for at-least 30 seconds and plug it back. Wait for the Power light to turn on for some time.
  • For the newly-released Linksys Wi-Fi Routers, unplugging the device from the outlet is no longer needed.

Method 2: Software Reset method

  • While working with the computer device that is connected to the router, just open the browser and type the appropriate IP address in the Address bar. Click to press the “enter” button.  If the router’s IP address has been modified then, work with it instead.
  • If users are working with the Mac computer to have access to the web-based setup page.
  • Once prompted, enter the router’s administrator credentials to log into it easily.  The default password will be admin.
  • If somehow users have changed the router’s administrator password then, it is suggested to work with it instead.
  • Once done, the router’s web-based setup page will appear automatically. Click the Administration tab, factory defaults now.

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