How to Fix Default IP Address Issue in ZyXEL Router?

IP address helps us to identify a router device in the network which is always in default value by the router manufacturer itself. But sometimes it may happen that users are faced with issues in the default IP address of ZyXEL routers. This is caused due to error in the default IP address which is modified by the user while configuring the device. So, here users can comes across such problems if the default IP address is not handled properly. The ZyXEL routers’ default IP address is used by the users to easily open the web page interface for each of the router device within the web browser. So, here we have penned down few steps to Fix Default IP Address Issue in ZyXEL Router with appropriate explanation of each step.

Fix Default IP address Issue in ZyXEL Router

Steps to Fix Default IP address Issue in ZyXEL Router

Step 1: Searching for the default IP via command prompt

The default IP address assigned on the ZyXEL router can be found in many ways: first option is via command prompt. To do this, simply open the command prompt window by tapping on the start button. Then click on the command option and then, type the “cmd “command in the text area provided there. Now tap on the “OK” button to launch the command prompt window. Inside the window, you are requested to type the “ipconfig” command and press the “enter” button. Users will be provided with the details on the screen along with the default gateway address to help them find out the default IP address of the router.

Step 2: Here we will see how to fix the issue

The default IP address can be obtained with the help of navigating through the various websites, if the manufacturer has details and product model are well known. This can be done by enabling intruders as an option to enter to the network through the router security holes in order to provide IP address. The next thing is that users can easily access the router device web interface by fetching the IP address as well as the login details that are available at the websites. So, always changing the default IP address and the password is the most suitable solution.

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