How To Fix Belkin Wireless Router Orange Light Error?

Belkin router blinking orange light is not a terrifying issue but it can have several reasons behind it. The light code can occur due to an ISP issue. There can also be a connectivity problem in your modem from the internet port or with the WAN port of your router through ethernet cables. Your router can continuously flash Orange Light or can blink blue and orange color light one after another.

The error is basically related to the connection issues or even due to connectivity problems.Also, one may come across device identification technical issue, IP address technical fault and yes, firmware problems are also responsible for this error code.Follow below methods to fix Belkin wireless router Orange Light Error. 

Reasons For Belkin Wireless Router Orange Light Error

Resetting problems and technical faults with ethernet cables of Belkin router are quite common. A problem in your modem connection can cause this error. If the Belkin router firmware is not up-to-date, it will highlight this orange light error. An incorrect setup of our router is another vital cause. If you do not connect your router properly to the modem, the modem will not recognize the router. Therefore, it will stop serving the internet and the light will switch on. The hardware problem of your Belkin router is a severe issue in this case.

Methods to fix Belkin wireless router Orange Light Error

Method 1: Fixing the connection problem –

Ensure that the modem is well connected from the internet port or with the WAN port of the router via Ethernet cables.

Connect the computer to any one LAN port of the router with the help of Ethernet cable.

Plug out the cable from the back side of the modem and wait for at-least 10 seconds. Plug in the power cord.

Now users are requested to wait for 1 minute to check whether all lights of the Belkin router is appearing in the green light or not?

Method 2: Fixing the mac cloning problem is another problem described byBelkin tech support professionals

Whenthe modem is incapable of identifying the router, it won’t properly function with the Belkin router. To fix this problem, follow below steps now:

Connect the modem, router as well as your computer with the help of Ethernet cable.

Open up the browser and then, type the router’s address which should be in the top address bar. Press the “enter” button now.

A Belkin router setup page will appear and then, scroll down to click on the “mac address cloning” icon

Users will be asked to enter the password but they need to keep it in blank mode.

A mac cloning option will appear where you need to click on it

Users need to restart the router and wait for a minute. A green light will start appearing on the screen

Method 3:Update the router firmware-

Ifanyone is working with the old router firmware then, the problem may be due to old firmware. So, here updating the modem is necessary.

Method 4: Reset the router

If all of the above methods did not work out then, you probably need to reset the router by pressing the “reset” button and restart the modem as well as router. At last, setup your router when you can see the green light appearing on the screen.

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