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How To Fix Belkin Router DNS Error?

DNS (Domain Name System) address is considered as an important part of the router because it translates domain names to corresponding IP addresses. By default, Belkin router can receive default ISP DNS settings. In much case it is seen that the ISP Domain Name System is working properly but users may face issues with less consistent service provided by their Internet Service Providers. In that case, it is recommended to work with more reliable Domain Name System settings on Belkin router to get rid of all DNS related issues. Below is a guideline mentioned to Fix Belkin Router DNS Error.

Steps to fix Belkin router DNS error

Step 1:Solving out login setup page issue which can easily be done by carefully making an proper deal with login setup page by simply working the IP address which should be mentioned accurately and then, click on the Submit button.

Step 2: Click on the “DNS’icon which can easily be found just under the “Internet WAN” icon. Users can get to access an appropriate link under Internet WAN settings which is located on the left hand side of the page.

Step 3: Users are requested to uncheck the check box which is situated just near the Automatic from ISP

Step 4: Now, Enter the DNS address which users wished to set on Belkin router

Step 5: To enter the Google Domain Name System address, it is recommended to work with appropriate data as instructed by Belkin Router Support Number expert team. Users should work with the primary Google Domain Name System as well as secondary Google Domain Name System. In order to set the Open DNS, just enter the Domain Name System addresses which will be given by professionals such as
Primary Open Domain Name System and secondary Open Domain Name System

Step 6: At last, just click on the “Apply Changes” button after entering all appropriate numbers.

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