How To Find The IP Address Of Belkin Router?

How To Find The IP Address Of Belkin Router?

Belkin is quite a popular company in the field of exclusive routers. Their routers provide the dual functionality concerning the internet connection. The servers avail to deliver both the wireless and wide area network links. In spite of such benefits, users are often unable to find the Belkin Router IP.

Every web device has a specific internet protocol address to establish an efficient connection. Without an IP code, it is impossible for a web device to position a network connectivity.

Therefore, to aid you in this regard, we have developed a number of solutions. Our team of experts assures the complete settlement of the above error.

Router IP addresses are of two types: the one which is used to connect to outside networks and the other is used for communicating with devices inside the network. Here we will teach users how to find the IP address of Belkin routers. However, they can also reach us at Belkin Router Customer Support Number +1-800-335-8177. It is seen that the internet providers are used to supply a public IP address for the outside connection. A default private IP address is further used to connect to local networking mode and is set by the router manufacturer as well as controlled by the home network administrator. Follow below guidelines to know the IP address of Belkin router.

Steps to find the IP address of Belkin router is:

Find The IP Address Of Belkin Router

Step 1: Work with the Belkin Factory Default IP address settings

  • Every router contains a default private IP address at the time when it is manufactured. The specific value will completely depend on the brand as well as on the router’s model. The default IP address of Belkin routers, on the other hand, is However, we know that the address in order to connect to the router’s console to perform things such as changes made to the wireless password, set-up of port forwarding process, enabling as well as disabling DHCP or just set the custom DNS servers. Now, from any other device which is connected to the router set with this address, pointing towards a web browser in this URL will directly prompt users for the admin username as well as password.
  • This address is however known as the default gateway address because the client device completely relies on the router as their gateway to the internet. On the other hand, the computer operating systems will sometimes work with this term on their network configuration menus. As said by Belkin Router Customer Service team, if users are in need of the default username and password then, it is suggested to get access to the Belkin Default Login Information page.

Step 2: Changing your router’s default IP address

  • Each time users are working with the home router powered on, they will completely work with the same private network address until the administrator has changed it. Now, changing your router’s default IP address may be necessary to simply avoid an IP address conflict issue with a modem or with another router which is already installed on the network. Homeowners simply prefer to use an address that’s easier for them to remember. Just remember that there isn’t an advantage in network performance or security from using any one private IP address over another.
  • Secondly, changing of the router’s default IP address will not at all affect the router’s other administrative settings such as its Domain Name System (DNS) address values, network mask or even with other passwords. There are some other internet service providers who work to track as well as authorize home networks as per the router or modem’s MAC address but not the local IP addresses.

Alternate Easy Steps To Find The IP Address Of Belkin Router:

We have a series of technological methods to find the IP address. Study each of the steps carefully.

Method I:

Initially, seek the database settings by navigating to the HTTP protocol of You may also make use of the HTTP internet router as well. The default settings contain the pre-set credentials to log in to the admin panel. Thus, you don’t have to re-type the username and the password of the admin account.

Method II:

The Belkin router may not have any password on the admin account by default. That is to say, the section of the username will remain empty. However, you may have to type the name of “admin” instead.

Method III:

You can modify the username and password of the router. Making changes in the account may unlock the security features. Or, it may even allow a third-party user to install virus and hacking applications. So, such events may render your device under severe malware threats. And you may also face certain shortcomings regarding your Belkin router.

Well, these are our easy IT solutions to find the IP address of Belkin router.

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If in spite of applying the above steps, the issue still exists in your device, talk to us. Our support officials are available via the call and email support. You can avail of any of those services to connect with us. Our telephone line stays 24×7 accessible to our clients. You may drop us your service request as and when you require by following our official Belkin email ID.

We also offer the live chat facility. Hence, get in touch with our support to stay up to date with the Belkin Router IP issue.

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