Steps to Connect Two Router Together

This blog is written by the professional Router Technical Support Number professionals who will teach you about various steps on how to connect two routers together. By connecting two routers together, users can easily connect multiple computers or devices via wifi or Ethernet, and expand the wireless network coverage.

Connecting two routers via Ethernet as guided by Router Support team: 

two router

  • Determine which type of router will be chosen as a main router.
  • Determine the type of router which you want to choose as a secondary router.
  • Place both the routers just near the PC device.
  • Choose between a LAN-to-LAN or LAN-to-WAN connection which you wish to go ahead with
  • Connect the main router to the modem and then connect the computer device to the router with the help of Ethernet.
  • Connecting the computer directly to the secondary router is required to smoothly complete the step.
  • If you find that the router has an option UPnP which has been disabled on the second router.
  • Configure the DHCP server carefully on the secondary router
  • Change the wireless channel which is essential for users to complete the process.
  • Place the routers.
  • Connect both the routers carefully.

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