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How To Fix Asus Router Error 800 ?

The error occurs when users are trying to establish a VPN server connection and they are unable to do it. It moreover occurs indicates that messages that are sent by the VPN client are failing every time to reach the server. Fix Asus router error 800 before it makes you difficult to work with the network. There are many other reasons which may be due to lost client device connection to its local network. Another cause is invalid user name and inappropriate VPN server address. However, network firewall may be blocking the VPN traffic.

Steps to fix Asus router error 800 are as follows:

Fix Asus Router Error 800

Step 1: Confirm your network connection between the client and the server

Users should make an attempt to ping the server first. But if they are retrying to establish a connection after waiting for a while with full of network outages then, establish a connection from a different device to help pinpoint whether the connection issue is just specific to one client.

Step 2: Checking whether users are working with accurate VPN server name and address

The name which users have entered on the client side should match server name set up by a VPN administrator.  As suggested by Asus Router Support team, users need to specify a correct IP address

Step 3: Make sure that the firewall isn’t a reason of blocking VPN connections

To fix Asus router error 800, one needs to determine whether a client firewall is the culprit of VPN error 800 or not, disable it and retry to establish a connection on temporary basis. Well, firewall-related issues may indicate a serious problem where it is recommended to update its configuration with the help if specific settings to the port number.

Step 4:  If users have never connected with the local router which they are using then, the router is in need of a firmware update. One needs to ensure that the device is well compatible with the VPN.

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